Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hairs

Selecting a vacuum cleaner is easy. You fix your budget and then find a vacuum cleaner that is multi-tasking, has a lot of features is the latest model in the market and then you just order it from any e-commerce website.

You bring it home and then it doesn’t work, and the seller won’t give you a refund or an exchange, or even if it works, it is not what the description of the website said. It does not have the sole feature you needed the most.

Don’t fall for cheap prices or something that is not worth it. Let us save your time and money, listed below are the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair that are flying around in your house.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E


The Shark Navigator is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair on different surfaces and can clean your carpets and floors like they were never dirty. The high power of the vacuum cleaner sucks up every last bit of pet hair stuck in the carpet.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away comes in with a one button lift feature which lifts off the entire canister making it easier to reach the nooks and corners of every little place. You would no longer need to worry about cleaning the corners with a cloth or a brush when the vacuum cleaner could do it for you, listing it amongst the best pet vacuums.

Also, if you feel like you need it, then the hard floor attachments of the vacuum cleaner stick to the floor and pull out everything that has been hiding in the carpet from ages now.




  • One Tap Cannister Lift Button – The button control on the vacuum cleaner lifts the cannister in one tap and allows the user to easily reach the corners more fluidly.
  • Sophisticated Attachments – The attachments offered with this vacuum cleaner are well thought and aid the overall cleaning with the vacuum cleaner. The attachments make the cleaner an all-round cleaner.
  • High Power – The power of the vacuum cleaner is very strong and pulls over every last grain of dirt from the carpet and the floor. With the attachments it could also be used to clean other surfaces.




  • Easy to use
  • Uses deep cleaning technology
  • Easy to switch between floor types
  • Attachments that perfectly suit the cleaning purpose




  • Narrow vacuum head
  • Degrades quickly

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

You can never go wrong with a Dyson product. Dyson is the most trusted and one of the oldest home appliances manufacturer and there is a reason why the appliances are expensive.

Dyson never fails to deliver quality. The Dyson DC41 is an all surface, multi-purpose vacuum cleaner which uses the latest features in the market to make your cleaning easier. The self-adjusting vacuum head ensures that there are no pet hair left in your carpet and your floor remain clean.

Though the vacuum cleaner does not have a brush bar, it only proves to aid its pet hair cleaning, as none of the hair get stuck in the brusher and choke or reduce the suction making it an efficient and best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. They directly get sucked in into the filter bags which makes it list amongst the best pet vacuums.




  • Self-Adjusting Vacuum Head – The self-adjusting vacuum head changes with increase or decrease in the vacuum strength it creates on a certain surface. This allows it to maintain certain levels and be efficient in cleaning.
  • Radical Root Cyclone Technology – The Radical Root Cyclone technology uses a ball like structure to increase the suction power, besides keeping the filtration system clean due to continuous spinning of dirt until it is thrown into the collector.
  • HEPA filtration bags – The HEPA filtration bags are meant to perform and hold particles as small as 0.5 microns in the bag. Keeping almost 99% of everything the vacuum sucks in, in the bags.




  • Does not have a brush bar where pet hair might get stuck
  • HEPA filtration bags
  • Self-adjusting vacuum head
  • Transparent dirt collector
  • Cyclone technology to increase efficiency
  • Low power usage




  • A few attachments are ineffective
  • Suction is not very strong

XPOWER 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and Vacuum

The XPOWER, for looks, is not listed in the best pet vacuums in the world but it certainly does its job and is effective is one of the best pet vacuums. But well it is not just the best pet vacuum, it is also a per dryer and your pets would love the ‘airy’ treatment after a bath.

The XPOWER vacuum cleaner does weight a little more than most of the vacuum cleaners in the market, and for its size it is a bit to heavy. But this is because of the motor inside the beast. The XPOWER produce very high suction power that could be controlled by the 3-point speed control switch.

With its six-foot long hose and 4 different vacuum head attachments, there is nothing that the XPOWER could not reach and clean for you.




  • 2-point pressure control switch – The suction power of the vacuum cleaner could be controlled by controlling the RPM of the motor.
  • 2 HP motor – The vacuum cleaner has a very power 2HP motor. Though the figures might seem small, but for a vacuum cleaner, is nearly thrice as powerful than most vacuum cleaners.
  • Integrated Dryer – The outlet on the other end of the vacuum cleaner could be used to create a blowing effect through the nozzles. This would allow you to blow away dirt, or clean dry your pets. The outlet temperature is however about 106 degrees Fahrenheit.




  • Has a Dryer
  • High Power Motor
  • Rubber Tipped Feet
  • Portable
  • Easy to store wrap around wire




  • The blower is always on.
  • Noisy, meant for outdoor cleaning




The XPOWER is a very powerful device and most of the times its use is limited to the outdoors owing to the high-power suction that could damage flooring or the blower that might keep blowing the dirt away.

While Dyson has been the choice of the people for years, Shark has been growing rapidly and is proving to be the people’s new choice.

While all the vacuum cleaners are efficient in the working mentioned, consider what you need and what you don’t. Also don’t forget to go through the pros and cons, and read the features thoroughly before giving into the idea is buying a vacuum cleaner.